We make local and
international shipments

FAQ The section of frequently asked question is dedicated to explaining plainly what our activities are.

To whom is the import-export activity addressed?

The import-export activity is addressed both to big companies and to small and medium-sized enterprises interesting in importing / exporting their products.

Where do we ship?

We ship merchandise all across Europe, according to your needs.

How do we ship your merchandise?

Our fleet includes 20 ton trucks which have cold storage rooms and tarps.

How do we involve in stock raising?

We offer support to farmers who want to buy cattle of different breeds.

What do we ship?

We deliver various merchandise, fruits and vegetables.

In which countries do we activate?

We collaborate with Romanian companies, but our activity is focused at the European level due to the partnerships we have with many companies from Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Germany or Poland.

Do you ship in partial loads?

Yes, we ship in partial and full loads.